2018 Wedding Music: Bridal Party Recessional

2018 Wedding Music: Bridal Party Recessional


What a doozy of a year 2018 was. We soundtracked more weddings than ever before and we properly hit our stride – completing our first full year – with the addition of an in-house modern civil marriage celebrant, and our unprecedented Celebrant+Soundtrack service.

But… this blog is about you. Specifically the music YOU chose to soundtrack the key moments of your best day ever. Maybe it was the fact that we simply attended more weddings this year, or maybe it’s a sign of the times, but we reckon 2018 saw us playing less ‘wedding’ music and more music that our couples truly madly deeply just love. That’s not to say that every song was super-fresh or uber-underground, but for most key moments (ie. aisle walk, registry signing, bridal recessional, reception entrance, cake cut, first dance, farewell), there was a pretty awesome mix of classics from eras past as well as current radio spinners.


2018 Wedding Music: Aisle Walk Songs
2018 Wedding Music: Ceremony Signing Songs
2018 Wedding Music: Reception Entrance Songs
2018 Wedding Music: Cake Cutting Songs
2018 Wedding Music: First Dance Songs
2018 Wedding Music: Farewell Songs
2018 Wedding Music: Dancefloor Party Songs


If your wedding song choices make these lists, or if they don’t, that ain’t no thang. This blog series is just a bit of Wedding Music FYI.

The important message here is pick what you want, regardless of how weddingy, or un-, it may be.

Anyway, as Calvin Harris might say…

No, not It was acceptable in the eighties… rather, This is what you came for…

Here’s 2018’s 5 Most Popular Wedding Songs For Bridal Party Recessional
(as played by us and picked by you):


  1. All You Need Is Love
    The Beatles 


  1. Send Me On My Way
    Rusted Root

(BONUS: Our solo stripped-back version of Follow The Sun in a beach-front park in Kingscliff NSW)


  1. All I Want Is You
    Barry Louis Polisar


  1. Best Day Of My Life
    American Authors 

  1. Signed Sealed Delivered
    Stevie Wonder


And just for fun, here’s a few more that didn’t exactly make regular appearances, but that we thought were pretty rad aisle walk songs regardless;


3. Burn Your Name

2. What’s Golden
Jurassic 5

1. Celebration
Kool & The Gang 


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