Wedding MVPs: the #2018IDAYS WINNERS!

Wedding MVPs: the #2018IDAYS WINNERS!

If you’re wedding planning, you’re in the right place. If you like feel-good success stories, this is for you.

If you like giving much earned kudos to hard working, high achieving, wedding professionals… then park ya beautiful bum right ‘ere!


This is the announcement of the wedding suppliers who’ve won a Golden IDAY in the first, inaugural I Do & Yewww Awards.

Before we go ahead and announce the best of the #2018IDAYS let’s bring you up to speed with how these awards came about, what ‘I Do & Yewww’ means, and what it means to be a winner of a Golden IDAY.

Believe it or not, wedding vendors frequently get a bad rap. Think about it, it’s a fairly commonly-held belief that businesses hear the word “wedding” and immediately add twenty or fifty or two-hundred-and-fifty percent to your quote. And while that may be true for businesses who aren’t committed to- and buried deep within the wedding industry, we’re confident you could use the #2018IDAYS as an indication of professionalism, and assurance that your vendor understands the difference in quality, and is prepared to deliver the level of service your best day ever requires.

In fact we came up with the concept of the I Do & Yewww awards for this very reason.

The wedding industry is a fairly saturated one (and becoming ever-moreso). But like every other industry, daylight – and often lightyears – separates the best from the also rans. Anyone who’s enquired or booked or even just communicated with us will know that we like detail. We like covering all possibilities, all the options, and discussing contingencies. We don’t do this to bamboozle. We do it to ensure our couples that we know intimately what you’re hoping for on your wedding day. We also do it so that you, as the couple getting married, know that we’ve got this. So that you go into your wedding day completely convinced that you’ve got the best in the biz making this thing go off with only that one all important hitch.

And it’s the belief that the devils in these ‘lead up’ details are just as important as the ‘on the day’ wedding stuff, that gave birth to the idea of the IDAYS.

In creating the awards themselves we made sure that only ‘real’ wedding couples were taking part, and aimed to ensure these couples were honestly reviewing the wedding vendors on board for their big day. In 2018 we asked our clients to review their wedding suppliers in multiple specific areas (these were slightly different for each supplier category, with the aim of being more relevant to each business type) – ranging from ‘communication skills’ to ‘staff attitudes’ to ‘value for money’ to ‘package flexibility’ and more – as well as give the supplier an ‘overall’ score.

It is our hope that, due to the unique way we’ve gone about collecting these reviews, the I Do & Yewww Awards are particularly valued by the wedding vendors and revered within the industry. Afterall, to rise to the top here, a wedding vendor has to have provided a top-notch service, in a range of areas, from the very first enquiry (not just from the day they took a deposit, or provided the actual service).

We believe the IDAYS are the truest representation of the best of the best (ie. the raddest of the rad).

So, without further ado; let’s get down to announcing those wedding vendors who, in 2018, went above and beyond. Drumroll, please…


The Winners of the GOLDEN IDAY in the 2018 I Do & Yewww Awards are;


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Caterer

Figtree Restaurant Ewingsdale, NSW

Insta @figtreerestaurant

Finalists: Eatdrink Catering, Monsoon Catering, See You Next Thursday, The Larder Byron Bay, 100 Mile Table, Beach Byron Bay, Figtree Restaurant.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Celebrant

AM Weddings – Casuarina, NSW

Insta @am.celebrant

Finalists: Celebrant Lady Love, Modern Love Ceremonies, Ceremonies By Leisa, Kate Stewart Celebrant, AM Weddings.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Florist

Florals & Co. – Gold Coast, QLD

Insta @floralsandco

Finalists: Flowers By Julia Rose, The French Petal, The Nesst, The Posy Collective, Wild Eden Florals, Florals & Co.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Vendor Miscellaneous 

Insta Kombi – Gold Coast, QLD

Insta @insta.kombi

Finalists: The Chevy Var, Byron Bay Kombis, Forever Kombis, Blissful Beauty Co., Insta Kombi.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Photographer 

Figtree Pictures – Gold Coast, QLD

Insta @figtreepictures

Finalists: Aaron Shum Photography, Varga Murphy, Asher King, MNDY Photography, Pineapple Images, Alex Cohen Photography, Boy & Bird Photography, Feather & Finch Photography, Van Middleton, Figtree Pictures.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Event Stylist & Co. – Gold Coast, QLD

Insta @eventstylistandco

Finalists: Sunshine & Confetti, Creative Weddings Byron Bay, Moss Hill Events, Hitched At Boomerang Farm, The Secret Bridesmaid, Sazzi Events, Byron Bay Weddings, Event Stylist & Co.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Styling/Hire

Ivy & Bleu – Gold Coast, QLD

Insta @ivyandbleuevents

Finalists: Hampton Event Hire, The Wedding Shed, Table Jewels, Byron Wedding Vine, The Events Co., Ivy & Bleu.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Venue

FINS Plantation House – Duranbah, NSW


Finalists: The Earth House, Osteria, Babalou, Cowbell Creek, Ancora, Summergrove Estate, Beach Byron Bay, FINS Plantation House.


#2018IDAYS – Wedding Videographer

Anchored Cinema – Gold Coast, QLD

Insta @anchoredcinema

Finalists: Roost Film Co., Paige Hudsen Productions, Rabbit & The Bear, Anchored Cinema.


There you have it – your Golden IDAY Winners in the 2018 I Do & Yewww Awards!

We honestly mean it when we say that we’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with all of these sensational wedding vendors. The cream truly has risen – you ought to be super stoked with the complete bloody pros that you are.

Those who’ve DM’d, FB messaged, emailed and commented will be stoked to know that next year additional categories will be available, and that reveiw submissions will re-open in February 2019.


Stand by for individual profile blogs, and more, on all of these Golden IDAY Winners. But for now, let’s give a massive, well-deserved, standing shaka-of-kudos to the recipients of these certificates of radness – #2018IDAYS – Yewww!
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