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Tees & Cees (Sorry, sometimes these things need to be s-p-e-l-l-e-d out)


  • We request that your WEDDING/EVENT DAY INFO SHEET is returned, completed, no less than thirty (30) days prior to your wedding/event date. Of course we except these sheets later than that – hand it to us on the day, if you’re that relaxed about it – but the later we receive it, the more likely we are to deny a specific request. We hate doing that.


Live Music;

  • While we always make every attempt to accommodate new song requests, we reserve the right to deny those that, a) We deem inappropriate for our style/sound/configuration etc. Or, b) If a suitable amount of notice/warning/rehearsal time has not been given (ie. minimum 30 days – potentially longer during peak times).

  • We appreciate the same period of notice for all ‘live’ song requests (not just the new additions to our set-list). Even if a song is listed on our supplied playlist, there’s a chance we haven’t physically performed it live for some time, and we may require some rehearsal/reacquaintance.

Recorded/Cued Music;

  • If a song that you would like us to cue for one of your day’s formalities is particularly obscure (or only available on youtube, etc), please ensure we have at least 7 days notice of its requirement to ensure we can source and/or convert convert into the format we require.

  • If the song you require us to cue is readily available on major music streaming platforms or for purchase on iTunes, we are happy to receive last minute changes right up until the morning of your event (though we’re sure there’ll be one or two other things you could be occupying your thoughts with at that late stage).


  • It’s true that we’re just a two-piece, but we still like a little elbow room if possible.Here’s a rough guide for space required for each of our potential configurations/set-ups. Note that we absolutely try our best to shape-shift and suit all venues, but this is a standard guide to accommodate playing position & all require equipment.

    Configuration        Approx. Area Dimensions

            Soloist:                   2m frontage x 1.5m depth
Ceremony Duo:       2.5m x 1.5m
Reception Duo:       3m x 3m

            DJ (only):               3m x 2m


  • With the exception of pre-arranged, smaller ceremonies (40 guests or fewer), we do not perform ‘unplugged’. As a general rule, even for outdoor ceremonies, we require amplification and, therefore, a reliable and stable power supply.


  • As a general rule, we require ‘protection from the elements’ over-head.

  • Obviously (due to the thousands of dollars worth of equipment we have with us) we do not play in the rain.

  • Most weddings and events require that we bring a large amount of equipment, and this equipment takes time to set-up and pack-down, so if there is a chance of wet weather (even if rain is only a minimal chance, and it’s just for a short ceremony), we require weatherproof shelter. If no shelter is provided, we may have to devise a ‘Plan B’ to supply this portion of your event with music – ie. amplify pre-recorded playlist.

  • By the same token, if you’re blessed with perfect, mid-Summer, blue skies, our bodies and our equipment could well be baking in the sun for hours. So again, some form of shade/shelter would be greatly appreciated.



  • If you are happy to provide us with a meal and some refreshing beverages we would be most appreciative.

  • Although it is frequently considered an ‘industry standard’, we do not make this as a compulsory requirement.

  • If you are unable to supply us with food and drinks, please let us know prior to our arrival, and we’ll prepare and bring our own form of sustenance (we’re generally 10+hrs on the ‘job site’, after all).



  • Unfortunately your date-hold deposit is 100% non-refundable.

  • Your date-hold deposit may be exchangeable for a new date. The provisos are that the new date in question is not currently booked by another party, and that your original wedding date is no less than three calendar months away.

  • If you these provisos are met, we will happily honour your existing deposit and apply it to the new booking date.