When your celebrant & ceremony musician are on the same page, your dream wedding goes off without a hitch – except for yours. Already locked up the celebrant of your dreams? No dramas. We’ll work with them to ensure it’s smooth sailing right up, and down, the isle. Prefer your live music to start a bit later? That’s cool too! We are more than qualified to seamlessly solemnise, soundtrack, co-ordinate and even custom-create your perfect package.

Our aim is to always play the right song at the right moment. The energy of our live performance evolves as the mood of your celebration does. And because we know that sometimes you and your guests want a little more ‘party’ than just 2 acoustic guitars can provide, your acoustic wedding band can morph in party-primed wedding DJ (ah-hem, “DJ&A” actually).


I Do & Yewww!

Marriage Celebrant + Full Wedding Soundtrack


Your Celebrancy + Music package is professionally planned, yet delivered with an apparent effortlessness that ensures you and your guests are completely at ease, and free to soak up the atmosphere, take stock of the picture-perfect setting, and truly enjoy every possible moment of your special day (a day which notoriously goes by in a blink).


While Andy presides over the direction – and legalities – of your ceremony, Jake provides the soundtrack. And once the ‘I Do’s’ become “We Did”, Jake & Andy come together with acoustic and electric instruments to perform live and DJ sets, helping your wedding become the euphoric celebration you’d imagined.

Total Music Management

Your Acoustic/Electric/DJ Wedding Soundtrack


Just because you don’t need a celebrant doesn’t mean we can’t ensure your entire wedding totally rocks. We still aim to ensure the perfect soundtrack from “I Do” to “Yewww!”. We’ll follow your celebrant’s lead and likely begin with cruisy acoustic ambience, then work with your planner/venue manager/emcee/new-mother-in-law to follow your runsheet as closely as possible and create the atmosphere your evolving event requires.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Marriage Celebrant + Ceremony Soloist


If you’ve already booked DJ Bangersnmash to tear your reception a new one, or post-nuptials you and your guests are going out for a nice civilised meal somewhere… that sounds great – ‘cause our Celebrancy + Music package comes in snack size too!

Andy will create a warm, relaxed ceremony that’s unmistakably ‘you’, while Jake flies solo providing music for all the crucial moments (and even an extended set post-ceremony, if you like).

Custom Wedding Package

Build-Your-Own Bespoke Wedding Package


Fat Boy Slim famously said, (and we quote) “If every wedding went the same, we’d be tired of marrying each other” – and we reckon the chubby waif was bang-on. So while we think our various packages cover most wedding days, we’re also only too happy to hear about the specific details of your event and construct a wedding day package that suits your unique plans.