We’re always asked for footage of ourselves. So we decided that we’re going to record some covers. Real raw ones. Basically because that’s the opposite of what we usually get to do these days. It’s literally all we used to do. And, quite frankly, it’s all we have time to do.

These will be rough, single-take, unedited, backyard recordings. Obviously if we think they’re too shit, you’ll never see/hear them (haha!). But we’re totally down for posting a song that didn’t really work, and that we have no intention of adding to a live setlist. So, if you like ’em, let us know. If you don’t, it’s ok, that one was just a joke anyway!

Our first ‘Covered In The Raw’ attempt just happened to coincide with the impending Triple J Hottest 100 countdown (something we’ve always been passionate about) & so, to a degree, our hand was forced.

We’ve voted for stacks of Aussie’s over the years, but never thought we’d be voting for a local Gold Coast artists as our #1 song of the year. Amy Shark’s ‘Adore’ was that. We’re stoked to be able to say that over the years we’ve played alongside Amy Shark at several local Gold Coast pub gigs. And less than 6 months ago we even shared a wedding gig with her. She’s a wonderfully talented musician, and clearly a killer songwriter.

‘Adore’ by Amy Shark. Our #1 track of 2016.

Let’s see how it goes Covered In The Raw.

Jake: Vocals & 12-string rhythm (plus Tambourine (right foot) & Shoebox-stomp (left foot).

Andy: Lead guitar

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