What Have U Spun For Me Lately?

What Have U Spun For Me Lately?

As your wedding night wears on, the open bar starts to take hold. Guests get braver. Our live set builds steam. We crank up the volume, along with the tempo, and sweat out a final set of acoustic rock tunes.

The time has come for Jake & Andy to become DJ&A.

And for you to give us your obscure requests & guilty pleasures!

Can we play Usher? How about, Yeah!
We probably don’t have any Bieber? What Do You Mean, of course we do!
Err sorry, it’s probably not appropriate to play Killing In The Name at a wedding.
What’s that? It’s the bride’s request!? Fuck yeah, we’ll do what she tells us!

The DJ&A set is about giving the people exactly what they want. Giving you the best of both worlds – live & produced music. And of course, about finishing off the night a with a d-floor-loaded bangerang!

And this blog series is where we’ll give you an idea of what people are currently requesting. It might be for a late night dance-off; it might be for a romantic First Dance; it might just be a song we love & think you should consider Walking Down The Isle to.

Requests come in all shapes & sizes. Every wedding serves up something surprising & new, but there’s also certain songs we can just about guarantee you’ll want played.
This is one of those.

For the last couple of years, we reckon this has been the most requested.
It’s a nugget of guilty gold. So it made sense that this be the first cab off the rank.

Try and keep your clothes on will ya.

Ginuwine – Pony

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