TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy

TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy


It’s the day that we reflect on the weekend that was and jot down some of the songs that featured in weddings we soundtracked over the last week. And when we say ‘key songs’ we mean the ones carefully hand-picked by our Brides & Grooms – think the Isle Walk, the Bridal Party’s Entrance, the newlywed’s First Dance, et al.

Some of these songs we’ll have played live, others we’ll have deftly cued. It’s our hope that #jandatunesday may inspire your own wedding music choices. If not specifically, perhaps these songs will get the cogs turning and indirectly, eventually, lead you to a wedding song “Eureka!” moment of your own. Or at the very least, we hope these wedding song lists spark a welcome memory or conversation (let’s face it, music memories & conversations are some of the very best).

Right. Without further ado, let’s break down this Tunesday song list!

‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (aka Buddha Iz)
We played this one LIVE. It’d been quite a while since Jake had strummed his cutesy little uke, so it took quite a bit of preparation and, just quietly, had Jake pretty nervous – first, and arguably most important song of the day and all – but, appropriately the forecast downpour held off long enough for a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and Jake did a pretty bloody good job (here’s the vid incase you missed it)!

‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams
We cued the original version of this. We’ve been working on a live arrangement that we love, but it’s a pretty stripped-back version. Anyway, although this banger is hardly on the ‘rarely requested’ list (it’s generally requested as part of the DJ Set to load up the d-floor loaded), this time it was used to positively and perfectly punctuate the Bridal Party’s entry to the reception.

‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ by Stevie Wonder
Another that’s hardly an original choice, but (and we’re sure we’re not alone in this view) you can’t go wrong with the great Mr Wonder… and how many killer tunes can you think of that are more appropriate for a celebratory, post-ceremony, bridal party recessional? None, that’s how many.

‘I Got U’ by Duke Dumont
We pressed ‘play’ on this one too. And yep, it’s spelled like that. We didn’t know this one prior to being asked to add it to the list for this wedding, but it’s actually a super cool track with a great groove. Just what a bridal party needs when making an entrance to a wedding reception.

‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley
We played this live. We generally advise our Brides & Grooms to pick something more upbeat for their recessional song. But, you don’t argue with someone who has picked anything by Jeff Buckley. Amazing song. We love playing it. Always will.

‘Sky Full Of Stars’ (Coldplay) by Matt Johnson
We pressed play. When someone picks an existing ‘cover version’ as one of the songs for their wedding you generally don’t mess with it. (Yes, we know ‘Hallelujah’ doesn’t belong to Jeff. But we said ‘generally’.) Anyway, this mellow cover turns Coldplay’s uplifting anthem into an intimate sway, and was our Bride & Groom’s First Dance. Think we might add this to the ‘to learn’ pile too.

‘Little Ray Of Sunshine’ by Axiom
Song choices like this one make us so happy. Not only because it was for the Father Of The Bride dance (one of our fave, and frequently omitted, wedding traditions), but because we love seeing classics living on. What a track!

‘Gonna Be (500 miles)’ (The Proclaimers) by Sleeping At Last
Another cover song. And another that we’d never heard before this request. Funny how a complete reworking of a song can give it a completely new meaning to you. This is actually a beautiful track and perfect for a Bride to walk down the isle to (as ours did in this case).

‘You & Me’ by Lifehouse
We love it when a song that we’d almost forgotten about is clearly so important to someone (or two someones!). That’s what’s amazing about music. Every song means something different to everyone, and that’s totally ok. This great tune made for a beautiful First Dance for our Bride & Groom.

~ More Tunesday blogs will follow (Promise!), so if you’re looking for wedding music inspo, be sure to keep checking back. You can also search the hashtag #jandatunesday on Instagram & Facebook.

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