TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy

TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy


It’s the day that we reflect on the weekend that was and jot down some of the songs that featured in weddings we soundtracked over the last month or so. And when we say ‘key songs’ we mean the ones carefully hand-picked by our Brides & Grooms – think the Isle Walk, the Bridal Party’s Entrance, the newlywed’s First Dance, et al.

Some of these songs we’ll have played live, others we’ll have deftly cued. It’s our hope that #jandatunesday may inspire your own wedding music choices. If not specifically, perhaps these songs will get the cogs turning and indirectly, eventually, lead you to a wedding song “Eureka!” moment of your own. Or at the very least, we hope these wedding song lists spark a welcome memory or conversation (let’s face it, music memories & conversations are some of the very best).

Right. Without further ado, let’s break down this Tunesday song list!

‘You Make My Dreams’ by Daryl Hall & John Oates (aka Hall & Oates)
This is not an altogether infrequent request. We press play on this one, and it’s dorky pop-funk groove is an immediate mood setter – it says ‘we came here for a good time, and we don’t care who’s watching’!

‘All My Life’ by K-Ci & Jojo
What a blast from the past! If you don’t know it by title, we’re sure you’ll recognise it as the intro subsides and the hook takes hold. Cheesy? Maybe. But hell, who cares!?

‘Wedding Song’ by Angus & Julia Stone
This brother sister duo aren’t short on offerings that’ll get you right in the feels, but this one (pretty obviously) couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s a slow saunter of a tune, but placed well (say, your isle walk or first dance), few songs work better.

‘Beautiful Girl’ by INXS
A perfect example of going with your heart, we worked out an arrangement that suited us (an acoustic duo) and played this live as our Bride walked down the isle. Beautiful song, beautiful moment, beautiful choice. Bravo.

‘Follow The Sun’ by Xavier Rudd
Imagery is a powerful ally. Shine some raw positivity on your special moment, like this B+G did by selecting this simple stomping groove as their recessional song. Shine on, you crazy lovers.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ (Bob Dylan) by Adele
We might be giving too much away about ourselves, but we’d never heard this song before. Not this version of it anyway. We’re Dylan fans, so when we listened we recognised it immediately… and it pains us to say it, but “wow, what a version!” and “wow, what a first dance song choice”.

‘Sandstorm’ by Darude
Yep. Sandstorm by Darude. We lol’d when we saw this as a ‘wedding song selection’, but what legends for throwing the textbook out the window. If you’d rather see fist-pumps than tears when you make your wedding reception entrance, what’s stopping you?

‘You’ve Got The Love’ by Florence and the Machine
It was a brisk 12 degrees celsius (can you believe that?) and a fine mist covered the mountainous panorama backdrop as Jake played a stripped-back solo version of this as our bride slow-stepped towards the alter and her waiting fiance. Close your eyes… pretty bloody perfect, huh.

‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green
It’s got soul & groove, and carries an archived affirmation that couldn’t be more relevant today.

~ More Tunesday blogs will follow (Promise!), so if you’re looking for wedding music inspo, be sure to keep checking back. You can also search the hashtag #jandatunesday on Instagram & Facebook.

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