TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy

TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy

TU(N)ESDAY w/ Jake & Andy

March 7, 2018


It’s the day that we reflect on the weekend that was and jot down some of the songs that featured in weddings we soundtracked over the last month or so. And when we say ‘key songs’ we mean the ones carefully hand-picked by our Brides & Grooms – think the Isle Walk, the Bridal Party’s Entrance, the newlywed’s First Dance, et al.

Some of these songs we’ll have played live, others we’ll have deftly cued. It’s our hope that #jandatunesday may inspire your own wedding music choices. If not specifically, perhaps these songs will get the cogs turning and indirectly, eventually, lead you to a wedding song “Eureka!” moment of your own. Or at the very least, we hope these wedding song lists spark a welcome memory or conversation (let’s face it, music memories & conversations are some of the very best).

Right. Without further ado, let’s break down this Tunesday song list!

‘Seaside’ by The Kooks
A long time fave – this one takes us back to our sillier, more-frequently-drunk years – but the first time (kind of unbelievably) that we’ve been asked to play it at a wedding. Appropriately, Jake played a solo version of this as our Bride walked down the stairs and onto Belongil Beach, and down the sandy-isle into the arms of her love.

‘Just The Two Of Us’ by Bill Withers
We pressed play (as we prefer to do for recessional songs) on this one and as the penny – read: ‘porno bass’ – dropped for our B+G’s guests the vibe was so rad. Some we’re groovin’ on the classic soul vibes while others were role playing Dr Evil & Mini Me – win-win!

‘Old Pine’ by Ben Howard
What a stunning track. It’s got a long intro, but this was for a lengthy isle walk, and the build only made it all the more powerful.

‘Fresh Eyes’ by Andy Grammer
We reckon the sentiment of this song is perfect for a ceremony recessional. It’s upbeat, instantly recognisable, and speaks to the emotion of the moment being a new beginning.

‘Weathered’ by Ruel (originally Jack Garrat)
Bloody great re-working of a bloody great song. Our B+G wanted us to press play on this version (to our quiet relief – as trying to cover a cover is asking for trouble really). We’ve had the original requested before, but not this version. We have a feeling this one will make a few more playlists in the future.

‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica
If we need to describe this song to you, you’re either under-age or over-sheltered. Initially we were surprised (and just a little scared) to be asked to play this for our B+G’s first dance… but we arranged a really nice, stripped-back acoustic version, and (if we can say so ourselves) it was bloody beautiful. Nice choosing guys – and thanks for believing that we could do your vision justice (for all *wink*)

‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran
We’d been waiting… and can’t believe this was the first time this track has made one of our B+G’s lists. Not disappointed though, we’re sure this one will make plenty more and hang around long-time.

‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzales (originally The Knife)
A bit like The Kooks’ track, this one has been in our repertoire for a long time but, somewhat amazingly, this is the first time we’ve had to play it as a specific song request. Such a beautiful tuna.

‘Come Together’ by The Beatles
We play this at every gig almost without fail, but this is the first time we’ve had to play a stripped back ceremony-suitable version. Loved it.

~ More Tunesday blogs will follow (Promise!), so if you’re looking for wedding music inspo, be sure to keep checking back. You can also search the hashtag #jandatunesday on Instagram & Facebook.


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