Wedding Invites: YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US.

Wedding Invites: YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US.

Gramps, I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

Let us say unequivocally, straight off the bat, that we friggen love the older gen. If you’re lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa still with you (especially the Great- ones), you absolutely positively (health and mobility permitting) have to make them know they’re invited and truly wanted at your wedding.

It’s your granddaughter’s wedding reception, but “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!”

old man complaining

So what’s the blog about then? Well it’s about being smart with your seating plan. You might be losing hair (that’s not an old person joke) over how you manage to have all the girls sitting together yet still with their partners. You might be strategising how you can be in close-wink-range of your favourite cousin yet as far as possible from her mum, ‘the nazi aunty’.

When it comes to deciding who goes where, nobody has more potential to cruel the mood of your wedding reception than Grandpa. Or Grandma.

For some unfathomable reason, more often than not, The Oldies’ table is the one positioned closest to us – the band. So that’s a handful or so of latter-year-legends eating, drinking and trying their darnedest to converse while we bombard them like a Seven Nation Army with Pumped Up Kicks.

They don’t even have to be cranky old bastards. Generally they’re completely lovely about it. But as sure as a bridesmaid will later request “anything by Drake” and effectively anaesthetise the dancefloor, between sets, one of us will be grasped by the arm and asked if we’d be “darlings/good lads” and turn the music down next time we’re over that way.

It’s a fair request. But, think about it. If we’re forced to ensure that the volume five meters from our speakers is talkoverable, then the rest of your wedding guests (the hundred-odd folk chewing pork crackling, banging silver cutlery, cheersing wine glasses and animatedly talking story), on farther-flung tables, won’t hear us at all. This sucks for us, but it sucks way more for you.

live band setup at wedding reception

We plan on rocking your reception and making as much noise as your celebration requires. So some vacant real estate directly in front of your live wedding band is crucial. PIC: Our wedding reception set-up for Jacqueline + Dave (24/8/18) at Preston Peak Winery

Having said that, The Oldies (as I keep, probably politically incorrectly, referring to them) are frequently the first to hit the dancefloor. And let’s face it, the classics are the best wedding songs. Your grandparents don’t need 3hrs of open bar to build up boogie-down courage. And fear not, they’ll find the d-floor from anywhere you seat them.

At your wedding reception, keep your grandparents away from us.

Making a list and creating wedding invites is stressful. Arranging your wedding guests harmoniously on separate tables can be bloody difficult. But please also give a little thought to which table goes where. (idea; put ’em nearer the bathroom than the band)

When it comes to contributing to your wedding day posi-vibes, the oldies can absolutely giveth just as much as they can potentially taketh away.
So definitely have as many of them there as possible. Just be sure to consider where ‘there’ is.

You may say “trivialities”. But we’d argue “Nay”. Hopefully neither you, nor we, have vernaculars containing such phrases, but… we mean it. If you want the d-floor occupied early, invite The Oldies. But if you want your wedding reception to have more atmosphere than quiet time at the home, make sure their dining real estate is a table or two back.

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